Dru Blair: Airbrush - Portraits Oct 24-27, 2019

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It's strongly recommended for beginners to learn the basics of airbrushing and select our Foundations Day when enrolling.

  • Workshop only $995
  • Including meals and lodging $1535
  • Add optional foundations day for $210

There's a reason this class is so popular. This portrait course is the most comprehensive airbrush workshop on the planet. It starts with color buffer theory, the 21 elements of vision, the 10 rules of realism, perception, color matching, error repairs, and that's just the first day! 

Although portrait painting may seem formidable, this workshop is non-intimidating with both the novice and veteran artist in mind!

The best part is that this course is designed with beginners in mind. When you are ready for REAL next-level training, we can take you there. Don't delay. This class will sell out too!

In this 4-day workshop, Dru Blair and his staff will teach you the techniques of painting realistic skin tones, hair, lips, eyes, backgrounds and many other attributes that make up a well-executed realistic portrait painting. 


  • You will create a female portrait similar to the ones portrayed, and bring it to completion, or at least near-completion.
  • Over 37 hours of instruction and studio time over 4 days
  • You will learn to quickly match skin, hair, and eye colors with extreme accuracy and precision
  • You will learn to mix and match colors perfectly through our Color Theory
  • You will experience the charm of Blair, SC nestled in the Sumter National forest.
  • Those staying onsite will  have a private room and bath just a few steps away from the studio.
  • Those staying onsite will enjoy 3 home cooked meals a day in the company of new friends.
  • You will leave a better artist than when you arrived. Guaranteed!

Day 1 - 3
8:30 am breakfast
9:00 am class begins
1:30 pm lunch
2:30 pm resume class
7:30 pm dinner
8:30 pm resume class
10:00 pm open studio
12:00 am studio closes


Day 4
8:30 am breakfast
9:00 am class begins
1:00 pm class ends
1:30 pm lunch
2:30 pm open studio
12:00 am studio closes


What you will learn

• How to create skin texture
• How to match color....perfectly
• What is Buffered Contrast Reduction, and how to use it
• How to discern problems in your paintings that might otherwise have gone unnoticed
• How to develop observation techniques to expand your visual discrimination
• How to make hair look real
• Rendering facial details such as skin texture, hair, lips, and eyes with accuracy
• Split paper/frisket techniques
• Different types of shields and when to use them
• Why value matters
• When to use the bounce method
• 3 eraser techniques that will make a difference in your art
• discerning and managing edges and transitions
• Frisket vs paper
• Transferring your image
• 5 masking techniques that work
• When and where detail matters most
• How to survive catastrophic errors
• Opaque or Transparent? How to chose
• A simple household product that can enhance your painting
• Understanding simultaneous contrast and the role it plays in your paintings

Special Offer for an Iwata CM-SB airbrush!

Pre-purchase your in-class Iwata CM-SB airbrush at a price far below market value.

When you enroll, check the special offer checkbox   Purchase your like-new, class supplied, CM-SB for $300  (A value of $507.68 purchased new)

*Class airbrushes will be $400 if added after enrollment or at class.


New to airbrushing? Join our Foundations day!

Need transportation to and form the airport? Sign up for our free shuttle service.

Not sure which class is right for you? Read "Help me Choose".

On-site accommodations are available:

  • Picturesque rural setting on the bordering Sumter National Forest
  • Private rooms with queen-sized beds and full in-suite bathrooms
  • Chef's menu of home-cooked meals prepared and served daily
  • Fully stocked art studio, all class materials and reference included
  • Color-corrected lighting (over 120 fluorescent tubes)
  • Built in air filtration system (no need for respirators)
Most of the worlds best airbrush artists and airbrush instructors are our students. Find out why most airbrush professionals choose us for their artistic training!


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