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The Super Silent 30-A, a Dru Blair recommended silent compressor

The Super Silent 30-A, made in Italy, is a 1.0 cfm (cubic feet per minute) illustrator's compressor which uses a rotary piston compressor to develop up to 114 psi (pounds per square inch). Thanks to its relatively lightweight (the shipping weight is 48 lbs), it is easy to handle.

Whisper quiet

The Super Silent 30-A, Ultra-Quiet Compressor truly lives up to its reputation by reducing operating noise to a whisper. Plus, it's completely automatic and rigged for top-of-the-line safety, with moisture trap, pressure line regulator and safety valve. The machine’s small size makes it easily portable, or easily hidden in a commercial setting.

Not your average compressor

The Super Silent 30-Aunlike most of the cheap compressors, uses oil (included) to operate quietly and efficiently, and the oil filler and the oil level sight glass are conveniently located. The Super Silent 30-D is a robustly constructed, simple-to-use, and extremely quiet compressor that is appropriately sized for most non-automotive and non-textile airbrushing needs. It's well worth considering if you're in the market for a quiet compressor.

Special Pricing

We enjoy special pricing because these compressors have very minor cosmetic imperfections. However, they are new and enjoy a 1-year warranty.


Operating pressure is 84-114 PSI.
1/3 HP, Free Air 1.0 cfm
Warranty 1 year
Net weight: 47.9 pounds
Noise: only 40 Decibels
Dimensions 19 x 12 x 15 inches
Tank Size 0.9 Gallons

Free Shipping within the continental USA

MSRP $975 - Our price  $595 (includes shipping)

Pros: Very quiet, easy to carry, Includes regulator and moisture trap
Cons: More expensive than the cheap noisy compressors. Not for automotive or textile spraying

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