Tiger kit - Video Only (No paint, materials, or tools)


Paint This!

Dru takes you step by step through his creation process of this painting from a first-person perspective with almost 11 hours of real-time instructional online video shot during an actual workshop. He also discusses tips for balancing contrasts as well as the application of masks and other tools to help you obtain great results! Dru obtained special permission to use this image, originally from a photograph by Remco Walravens, and now you can create your very own version of this painting.

In the accompanying instructional videos, Dru will reveal the colors he uses to obtain brilliant tones, as well as his system for the best results for this project. He will also discuss tips for balancing contrasts, different fur types, as well as the application of tools to obtain superior results.

Topics covered include

  • airbrush technique
  • positioning the stencil
  • developing fur
  • light direction and shadow
  • freehand approach
  • stencil approach
  • layer effects
  • eraser techniques
  • dowel methods
  • blade work
  • maintaining an organic look


Included in this kit:

  • Exclusive online access to 10-hour 48-minute instructional video
  • Paint codes and mixing formula sheet

Recommended skill level - Beginner and higher. If you are new to airbrushing we also recommend the Classroom in a Box - Foundations kit

Materials (not included) recommended for this project. Tiger stencil, Reference photo, tools, Blair airbrush paper.

Colors (not included) that will be needed for this kit:  Scarlet, Sepia, Blue-Violet, Burnt Sienna, Yellow, Black, White


Video Chapters

Chapter 1
Using tools, Edge management, Texture stencils, Layout, Fur, Freehand techniques, Nose & mouth

Chapter 2
Nose fur texture, Nose, Eye, Matching Colors gradients, Chin, Around Eye

Chapter 3
Ears, Short Fur, Stripes, Whiskers, Frisket, Neck, Fur Varieties

Chapter 4
Finish Ears, Neck, Whiskers, Touch up

Why learn from us?

Just ask our former students. We have trained over 9,000 people since our airbrush school was founded 25 years ago, and we are proud to be considered the world's best airbrush school since we opened. Almost all of the world's best instructors train with us. We developed many of the airbrush techniques currently used all over the world.

Dru Blair teaches his subject in his popular Photorealism workshop which starts at $975. Our Classroom in a Box projects offer unlimited reviews for a fraction of the price. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars, but you will also have the luxury of working at your own pace and in your own comfortable surroundings. You won't even need to take time off from work, book travel and lodging, or get a sitter for the kids or pets.

Classroom in a Box kits make it easy to learn many of the techniques that Dru Blair teaches in his workshops in the privacy of your own home or studio. The kit comes with all the materials you need to recreate the project as shown. All you supply is your own airbrush and air source.

Even if you have taken this workshop in the past, now you have the opportunity to purchase this kit as a refresher. If you have never attended a Dru Blair workshop, this is a great first step to gain insight about what it is really like to be in his classroom.

While it's true that nothing beats hands-on, one-on-one training for learning, we realize that it's not always possible to travel to one of Dru's workshops.

That is why the Classroom in a Box kits have become important to many artists who strive to improve their skills and bring more realism to their work.

The kit includes access to video content, featuring step-by-step instructions about how to use supplies and tools.

Usage rights are included with the Classroom in a box, so purchasers can paint this image, again and again, royalty-free. Usage rights of kit materials and videos themselves are non-transferable, and distribution of the kits, videos, and/or their content to the public is prohibited without written consent.

Some students have even sold their art created with the kit for more than the cost of the kit itself!


Video Access (granted at checkout) Includes access to over 2 hours of instructional HD quality video!

This is a full workshop project from beginning to end - Just like being in the classroom with Dru teaching! You see the project as a first-person viewer. The camera is positioned in front of the instructor, not over the shoulder, so you will see the project develop in real-time, as Dru's eyes would see it.

1-Purchase one or more Classroom in a Box kits

2-Create an account at checkout if you don't already have one with our store. You will be prompted to supply your email and create a password unless you have previously created an account for that email address.

3-Check your email for a link to view your Classroom in a Box video(s). It will have a subject of: Blair School of Realism: Classroom in a Box -Video link, and will arrive from: Blair School of Art deliveries@skypilotapp.com

4-Click on the link that is emailed to you. You will be directed when to enter your password. You will then be able to view your video online (requires internet access).

Videos are for private use only and may not be shared, played for an audience, or used to conduct classes without written authorization. Violation may result in forfeiture of viewing rights to all Classroom in a Box videos.

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