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BLR Trigger "Blair Low Rider" Upgraded for the Takumi and is now in Stainless Steel! Thanks to the tighter tolerances of these new triggers, some users have experienced fitment issues in the newly manufactured airbrushes. This is because the cradle of the Takumi varies quite a bit in size due to the...
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You might also want to try our standard Aggressive Eraser These are new old stock*. This means that while they have never been used they were manufactured many years ago (originally as typewriter erasers).  Sold in sets of 3: The exact color, style, or manufacturer may be different from those...
The Original SoftSpring: The Softest Air Valve Spring Available! Why upgrade your air valve spring? The BLAIR SoftSpring makes the downward pressure on your airbrush trigger (Main Lever) nearly effortless. This is good news because it reduces tension and fatigue that so often limits the artist’s control of the airbrush,...
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This is a nice range of eraser pencils,  great for blending and softening edges as well as cutting through paint to create awesome textures. Soft Eraser This is an eraser for soft delicate areas, where you don't want to remove too much paint. It is a sharpen-able, wood encased, pencil-type eraser....
Full Set ($90) - 8oz White ($20) Createx Illustration Colors™ are a refined, water-based airbrush colors optimized for use with Dru Blair’s Color Buffer System. Illustration Colors offer true fine-line, detailed performance while allowing for re-wettable effects and subtle erasing techniques. As the name implies, Illustration Colors are designed with...
NEW Takumi Custom Micron. Only $495. You won't find this deal anywhere else!  Iwata's Takumi Custom Micron is the new top-of-the-line side-feed airbrush used by many top professionals. With a .18 nozzle, this airbrush is designed for rendering the highest level of detail. This is a new customized model. It features a...
SharpenAir™ is the first hand-held airbrush needle sharpening device on the market. Our patent-pending design has been exclusively manufactured for the airbrushing industry so you will NEVER be stuck without a needle again! Dimensions and Specifications SharpenAir™ measures 3.5" x 3.5"  Made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability and functionality...
5 Values of Color Wheels: This set of 5 color wheels displays  different values of the central color wheel. This is the same color wheel from Dru Blair's class and is a valuable compass when determining color interaction, and this extended range of values includes light pastel colors as well as browns...
Large Color wheel + 5 Value Color Wheels on 1 sheet The color wheel is vital to identifying and matching colors. This large color wheel includes a  smaller display of different values of the central color wheel. This is the same color wheel from Dru Blair's class and is a valuable compass...
Replacement fluid nozzle (tip) for the Iwata Custom Micron SB airbrush (0.18mm -  also fits the CM-B)
Iwata's 10 foot Braided Airbrush Hose. The perfect complement to any Iwata airbrush. Upgrade your hose by adding a Quick Disconnect set.
Iwata CM-SB: Needle Replacment
Wire Cleaners Various sizesEvery now and then you will need to do a deep cleaning of your airbrush. This set of wire cleaners is perfect for cleaning out difficult-to-reach places.
Quick Disconnect - Set Includes: both the female quick disconnect unit that attaches to your Iwata airbrush hose and one male adapter that goes onto your airbrush.  Even if you only use one airbrush you will find that being able to disconnect your airbrush from the air source without turning...
Mini moisture trap Measures  3 inches Made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability and functionality 1/8"  BSP Fitting attaches to airbrush to filter excess moisture and provides better ergonomic handling. Fits Iwata, Devilbiss And Master Airbrush Brands Free shipping within the continental USA
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The table top Cleaning Station is designed to contain overspray while cleaning your airbrush . It's an an easy and portable solution for your painting needs. Measures 4.5" x 4.5" Made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability and functionality No overspray while cleaning your airbrush Easy-to-clean container Portable solution for...
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Airbrush holder (clamp-on) Holds up to two airbrush guns simultaneously Rotates 360° for easy access. Mounts to any work area with metal clamp. No drilling required Easy to Reposition as needed Dipped holders protect airbrushes from damage Great for organization and storage Material: steel, plastic for easy cleaning
$13.95 $18.95
Airbrush Hose (blue and yellow)Nylon braided Measures  5 feet (1.8) meters Made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability and functionality G1/8" and G1/4" Fittings Fits Iwata, Devilbiss And Master Airbrush Brands
Quick Disconnect - Set Packing air piston (O-ring) for the Iwata Custom Micron airbrushes.(Fits all CM models: B, SB, C, C+) A word about O-ring care and replacement: While not a part that typically shows signs of wear, we have found that the O-rings can become degraded though the use...
The new Spring and Nozzle tool for Iwata® Airbrushes. While the Blair SoftSpring is the best modification you can make to your Iwata® airbrush, changing it is not so easily accomplished these days. This tool is fitted especially for Iwata® family of airbrushes, and fits the Micron, HP series, and...
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