Virtual workshops

Introducing virtual workshops



If you'd like to take a workshop, but can't attend due to a sold-out class, limited funds or Covid-19, then we have a solution for you. 
We realize that not everyone can attend a Dru Blair workshop, so we will bring the workshop to you, in all new, real-time, online, interactive 4-day and 5-day workshops.

How it Works

Simply select virtual workshop upon checkout, and we will ship you the reference photo, Blair airbrush paper, small tools, and any stencils needed (make sure you provide accurate address information). All you need to supply is your own airbrush, air source, and Createx Illustration paint. If you don't have paint, we can offer a Createx Color Wheel paint set as an add-on.  Oh, you will also need a computer with a good connection to the internet. 

This is a live streaming event, and is not recorded, so you don't want to be late for class if you want to get the most out of the experience.

How to view

We use a free program called Zoom for our live streaming workshops. It is available as free app via the Zoom website.   You can watch it without the free Zoom app, but we recommend that you install the free Zoom app.

Approximately 1 hour before the class goes live at 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time, you will receive an email with a link and password to access the site. You will not hear from us until just before class.  You can click on the link and enter a waiting room until the workshop begins. You will be able to see the step by step lessons, slide shows, and hear everything in the classroom. 

Cost savings

Not only is tuition $200 less than the regular in-person course, but there's no room and board or travel expenses, which are often more expensive than the cost of tuition. Our students spend, on average, $2,300 to attend a workshop. Foreign students spend well over $3,000.  With online classes, you can attend virtually for less than $1,000.

The Equipment

We are fortunate to have a state-of-the art high-definition presentation camera system that is mounted directly on Dru's station for the class. This not an over-the-shoulder viewpoint, but directly in front of the artwork. The image is broadcast to your computer via Zoom software, and you can follow along, listen in to the class, and ask any questions directly to Dru while you work.

The Workshops

To access all the workshops, click here.

Physical Location

The classes will be held at the Blair School of Realism, 5337 Buckhead Road, Blair, SC 29015

Foundations Workshop

If you are new to airbrushing, consider the Foundations kit.


What airbrush equipment do I need?
You will need an airbrush set up consisting of an airbrush, air hose, and air source. Accessories and materials would include an airbrush holder, some 1 oz mixing cups, pencil, tape, scrap paper, window cleaner with ammonia (for cleaning), cotton buds or q-tips. The other class materials will be mailed to you.
Do I need a special computer, camera or microphone?
No. But if you want us to see you for visual interaction, your laptop camera and built in microphone will do. Some students use their cell phones; however, a bigger screen allows you to see more of the process.
Do I need a high-end airbrush?
No, an entry level airbrush will do. However, we recommend NOT using a cheap (less than $50) imported airbrush. Stick with name brands, such as Iwata, Creos, Badger, Thayer-Chandler, or Paasche.
I've registered. When will I hear from you?
You will receive a purchase confirmation by email immediately after you order. 
A week or so before the workshop, you will receive your materials by mail. Expect to hear from us again by email 2 days before the class begins.  You will not hear from us before that. However, if you have questions before class, feel free to contact Samantha by email at
Are the videos recorded so that I can watch them later?
Yes, the class videos are recorded and uploaded to a private channel each day where they remain active for two weeks after class. You will need to provide us with your google account email address, so we can add you to the viewing list of the videos.
What happens if my materials do not arrive in time for class? 
We strive to ship materials as soon as possible, but due to Covid and other factors, the mail can be slow, and packages might not arrive on time. In that case, Dru can email you the reference photos and line art to print. Other objects, such as pencil eraser, #11 hobby knife, and dowel can be obtained with a trip to the art store and home goods store. 
Substitution for Blair paper is a bit more challenging. The only other synthetic paper available is YUPO, which you can find at some craft stores. YUPO will not allow much texturing, but it will be better than painting on regular paper or board.
For those living near Charleston, we also offer 5 and 6-week drawing courses at the Blair Center for the Arts in Mt Pleasant and West Ashely sections of Charleston, SC.
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