Empty 10 mil dropper bottles for storing small amounts of custom mixed colors.
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Airbrush Hose (blue and yellow) Nylon braided Measures  5 feet (1.8) meters Made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability and functionality G1/8" and G1/4" Fittings Fits Iwata, Devilbiss And Master Airbrush Brands Free shipping within the continental USA
5 Values of Color Wheels: This set of 5 color wheels displays  different values of the central color wheel. This is the same color wheel from Dru Blair's class and is a valuable compass when determining color interaction, and this extended range of values includes light pastel colors as well as browns...
When you need smooth curves especially in portrait painting, there are few tools that will give you the same results as a french curve. Designed to work with most portrait challenges, but also useful for an infinite number of applications. Available without interior holes too! Highly detailed laser precise cutting  Flexible and...
Our "Accelerated Self-Study" program is for students who have specific goals or projects in mind or who prefer more self-guided atmosphere. The program allows students to work at their own speed and on their own timetable.  While formal class instruction is not a part of the program, staff will be...
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This is a nice complement to the Extra Aggressive erasers, as they are good for blending and softening edges. Aggressive eraser: This is an eraser that looks like a pencil. The eraser is of a coarse nature that removes pencil, ink, and lightly applied paints. It is an aggressive, sharpen-able, wood...
The table top Cleaning Station is designed to contain overspray while cleaning your airbrush . It's an an easy and portable solution for your painting needs. Measures 4.5" x 4.5" Made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability and functionality No overspray while cleaning your airbrush Easy-to-clean container Portable solution for...
$159.95 $299.95
Learn how to Airbrush the right way. Presenting the perfect starter kit for those who want to start airbrushing without a large investment. Everyone knows that the airbrush is one of the most powerful tools for creating realistic art. If you've ever wanted to try airbrushing, but aren't sure where to start, we have the...
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