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Frank Frazetta 

Virtual workshop 



Step By Step Instruction

Dru Blair shows you how to re-create Frazetta's style from start to finish. This workshop will be in real-time and will be interactive


The Master of Fantasy Illustration

There will never be another Frazetta, but we can still learn from him.

Guaranteed to Improve your Art

 August 4-7, 2022
SOLD OUT | Virtual workshop

The Grand Master of Illustration

No one has had more impact on the fantasy art world than Frazetta.  His iconic illustrations continue to inspire artists, even today. He was able to conjure imaginative scenes of monumental heroes purely from his vivid imagination. surfaces are the metal surfaces. 

The refinement of technique

With this workshop, you'll not only be able to render more accurately, but you will understand what you re seeing more clearly.  .

A unique opportunity 

This virtual workshop is sanctioned and licensed through Frazettagirls.com and seats are limited.

This is Airbrushing Evolved

Frazetta's mastery is in the subtle details, elegant colors, and brushstrokes Frazetta left on the surface. We will use a variety of techniques to capture the look and feel of his work. Our methods might not always be conventional, but they get results, and that's what counts.

The Power is in the knowledge

Imagine being able to create paintings that come alive with rich vibrant colors making bold statements.  We'll show you how!

If you want to be the best you can be, you need to learn from the best.

Frazetta was the best fantasy illustrator in the world.

It's not just hype. No other artist had more influence on the fantasy art world. 

Welcome to the most informative airbrush workshop on the planet.

You could spend years (or more likely, decades) trying to unlock all these secrets. Now it’s possible for you to reach your artistic potential in a fraction of the time that it would take if you tried it on your own.

Push your airbrush to new frontiers. 

We've all seen what an airbrush is supposed to do, but what about pushing the airbrush beyond traditional limits? There's a bag of airbrush tricks that you probably weren't even aware existed! This knowledge will help take your painting to the next level!

The tools you need

Knowledge is the most powerful tool we give you, but we aren’t just limited to teaching you all about straight airbrushing. These additional techniques will allow you to create amazing special effects of transparency for glass and water effects, for example.

What you will learn


Layout and composition

This is the most important foundation of any painting, yet it is the most overlooked. Here you will learn how Frazetta positioned his elements in his environment and made use of background negative space.


The 8 differences between Opaque and Transparent paint

There are a lot of opinions as to which is better. The answer is that each possesses unique characteristics which need to be considered first. You will learn all the differences, and when and why to use each.


Brush vs Airbrush

Learn about the differences and how one must approach each tool..


Matching with transparent colors

Matching color with a transparent paint uses a different technique than matching with opaque paint. Here we will show you how to match colors perfectly using only transparent paint.


How to use the Value Color Wheel set

Value is the most important component of color. Learn how Dru uses the value color wheel set to arrive at the right color for any project.


Eliminating the problem of simultaneous contrast

Simultaneous contrast is the illusion that colors touching each appear more different than they actually are. We will show you how to harness this problem with color discrimination and turn it into one of your most powerful assets.


Using a blade to correct mistakes

Most people wouldn’t believe that a blade can be used to make subtle adjustments or correct major errors. We will show you the best way to apply the blade.


How to avoid that cut-out look

It's often difficult to manage the transition between the object and the background. Learn how to place the subject  in its environment, and not appear cut-out looking.


How Frazetta used highlights

We will take an in-depth look at how Frazetta handled highlights to make his metal more realistic.


The etcetera principle

Often Frazetta would suggest a gesture or a mark to hint without detail. See how you can make this technique work for you.


Your Tool Arsenal

It never hurts to have knowledge of other tools. Here we will introduce you to more great tools There are many tools that complement the airbrush, and we want you to be able to enjoy having them all in your arsenal.


Subtractive techniques

Take what you already know about erasing and add to it. The eraser can be used to cut like a blade, or blend softly. We will show you how to get even more out of your erasers.


Extending your bladework

The blade is a powerful tool, but must be held in a very specific way to be effective. Here you will learn advanced methods with the blade for even greater realism.


Frazetta's foundation

It all begins with the underpainting. Using the right tools and colors, we will show it all to you, as well as some extra tips for bolder statements.


Color departure

One of the coolest effects in Frazetta's work was his willingness to rotate hues, especially in skin tones. Learn how its done.


Navigating difficult transitions

Some complex transitions are a bit tricky to navigate. We will show you how to manage them so that your blends and edges enhance your painting.


Buffered Contrast Reduction (BCR)

We will teach you all about BCR .and how to use a reverse BCR technique. Its a great solution for managing complex contrast scenarios


5 ways to deal with the worst disasters in your paintings

Sometimes we make horrific mistakes. The trick is knowing how to deal with them, and hide them in the finished product. We will discuss the 5 options.


What to keep

Frazetta was known for leaving his brushstrokes visible and prominent. We'll explore when and why!

What students are saying

I attended Dru's workshop with the hope of learning to paint, I left with the ability to "see" and a system that allowed me to develop my own understanding of painting and colours. Your system has given me the freedom to explore my own creativity.

Paul MacDonald

(Airvengers) Australia

Dru's teachings showed me how to create great detail and gave me the ability to achieve PHOTOREALISM in my artworks. Thank you for pioneering the world of photorealism in airbrushing, I doubt I would have got here without your long nights and many experiments .

David Naylor


Dru's workshop influenced the way I paint and gave me some new concepts, knowledge and skills to implement into the way I worked today I recommend it!

Mitch Lowther

(Airbrush tutor) Australia

Why should you take this class? Consider your options

1. You could give up on your dreams and continue doing what you are doing, but let's be frank. You would not have continued reading up to this point if you wanted that. You are here because you believe that you deserve to be a better artist than what you are now. You aren’t the kind of person who’s going to settle for mediocrity.

2. You could try practicing on your own hoping to figure it out someday. Its very difficult and time-consuming without all the shortcuts that we could show you, but its an excellent choice if you have all the time in the world.

3. Enroll in this course and enjoy the benefits of step by step guided instruction. You get what you need without wasting years or possibly a lifetime of guessing. If you don’t have the ability to travel to our workshops, try our Classroom in a box series and learn from home.


We are so sure that we offer the best airbrush course in the world that we are willing to offer you tuition money back if you don’t notice an immediate improvement in your art, and in the way you see the world after taking this course.

Creating a Frazetta work

You will learn a lot of techniques in your workshop, but the most valuable lesson gained is for you to better understand and see the world differently.

We will give you the power to create or re-create imagery at a level no other airbrush workshop in the world offers. Once you gain command of techniques and observational skills you can easily paint in any style, from abstract to impressionist, and even mimic the old masters' paintings. The choices are limitless.

As artists, we take our inspiration from the visual world around us and re-create it on board, metal, or canvas. At the Blair School, we would like to show you how to do it more successfully.

Online Interactive Workshop - August 4-7, 2022

We offer a virtual online option for this class via Zoom available during this workshop. Students will be able to ask questions and get answers in real-time at any point during the workshop. We have an amazing presentation camera that transmits the lesson up-close in high definition so you can follow every step of the way.

Best of all, the class will be recorded so the students can review the workshop for a few weeks after class.. Click here for more info about the virtual courses.

What you need

All reference, stencils, tools, and paper will be mailed directly to ythe address you provide during checkout a few weeks before class. All you need is a Createx Illustration color wheel set, an airbrush set-up, and a computer with Zoom installed. Click here for more information about Zoom.

 If you have questions about this class, email  us at dru@drublair.com

 (All paintings displayed on this page are copyright Frank Frazetta)

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