The Hidden Hypocrisy

Recently I had a discussion with some artists who were upset about Ai.

I asked them what the issue was, and they explained that they didn't like the fact that Ai uses photos found online as a source, and that some of those photos are copyrighted.

I thought for a moment then realized that we all do that!

Who among us has not used an image we found online as a reference? These artists have no hesitation to use what they find online, but the moment an Ai does the same thing, they screech like a triggered child throwing a tantrum. 

I pointed out that Adobe uses its own stock images as a source, so that no one's copyright is violated.

The next complaint about Ai is that it is soulless. I can't help thinking how photoreal some of the Ai work is, and if the photograph isn't soulless, then why would derivatives of photography be soulless. Much more, some Ai work is derived from art, which many wouldn't consider "soulless."


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