Tina Garrett supply list

Tina Garrett Workshop Supply List

2 or 3 16x20 Canvases
Oil or acrylic primed canvas, try to buy smooth textured for portrait painting. This one is good: (http://www.jerrysartarama.com/discount-art-supplies/canvas-and-boards/canvas-panels-and-boards/centurion-deluxe-oil-primed-linen-panels.htm, if you really want nice ones, RayMar Art are best.)
Brushes: (You can get by with hog hair only, if you have a range of sizes and shapes) Please, no cheap craft store type brushes sold in variety packs.
No. 4 & 6 & 10 Flat hog hair (Signet by Robert Simons is what I use)
No. 2 and 4 Filbert hog hair ( I LOVE Filberts)
No. 2 and 4 Round sable or badger hair (Rosemary & Co. or Blick Masterstroke)"
No. 2 and 4 Flat sable or badger hair (Rosemary & Co. or Blick Masterstroke)
All 4 sizes of Rosemary Series 331 Sable Rake brushes
These three brands are reliable: Windsor and Newton, Gambin or Rembrant Transparent oxide red or Burnt Umber
Ultra Marine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Cad Red
Quinacridone Red or Permanent Alizarin
Permanent Mauve
Windsor Yellow (or any yellow that is neither too orange or too green)
Yellow Ochre
Indian Yellow
Ivory Black
Titanium White
Other Supplies:
Turpenoid or other odor free solvent
Solvent jar
Paper Towels (I use blue Scott Shop Towels. Absolutely lint free.)
A plastic grocery sack or trash bag for your trash
Palette knife/Diamond shaped head. (no plastic. Metal with wood handle please.)
Palette (I use a tempered glass palette.)
Flat razor blade for palette clean up
Cell phone or other digital camera or hand held mirror
Kneaded eraser (Grey, typically used in pencil and charcoal drawing.)
Mahl stick (I use an old walking cane made of bamboo found at a second hand store.)
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