#10 The manhole cover: where we fail when it comes to customers.

 Your audience is subject-driven, not technique-driven!

I am always trying to improve my technique, since that is the vehicle that delivers my artistic vision. Sometimes I succeed, other times I fail… miserably. The problem is that I will focus so much on technique that I will forget to spend the necessary time required to create stimulating content.

It’s easy to forget that customers tastes are subject-driven, not technique-driven.  It’s great when your artist friends ooh and ahh over your technique, but don't lose sight of what you are painting or your potential customers. For example, a painting of a perfectly rendered manhole cover might impress your fellow artists, but who will buy it and hang it on the wall? Keep your subject in the forefront of your mind before embarking on that journey.

Although it’s tempting to dive right into a painting after you’ve learned new techniques or you’re feeling particularly motivated, never make the subject of your painting an afterthought. It's simply not enough to to be able render well if you don't choose worthy subjects. It’s always worth taking the time to come up with a great concept - this way you will stay motivated throughout the many stages of your painting and your audience will not get bored with your painting either.

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