Mistake #9: Too much cleaning

Disassembling your airbrush


To the chagrin of many clean freaks out there, it must be understood that disassembling and reassembling your airbrush after every painting session will cause more damage than just about anything short of downright dropping it. The wear and tear of taking your airbrush apart between sessions will strip down the threads and result in loss of air-tightness around the head that not even the best beeswax will solve!

It is not necessary to take your airbrush apart to clean it over the short term.  Suppress your OCD nature and simply run some water through the airbrush, wipe out the cup, clean off the needle, then park the airbrush with water still inside the gun. As long as the internal parts of the airbrush remain wet, residual paint will not dry and cause problems in the gun.

For those rare instances when it is necessary to disassemble your airbrush, we'll be covering that procedure in an upcoming lesson.

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October 09, 2018

Wow this is so much informative. I am looking for these types of information last few weeks. At last I find your article. This is so much informative for me. Thanks for your article .I hope you will continue you’re writing for us.
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August 07, 2019

Hi how often should you dismantle your airbrush for cleaning and is it ok to take the needle out to clean after every session


April 16, 2024

Valuable advice. I have had 2 airbrushes now and both have caused me problems, Guess, what? My OCD did make me strip them down and both have been royal pains. Will take on board this simple tip for my new one!! Thanks very much!

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