Airbrush Mistake #7 Need for Speed?

Lately, there seems to be a push towards a different type of airbrushing... the kind that involves speed. We've seen some prominent instructors advising young artists to paint as quickly as possible, with little or no regard for results, so we felt it's time to offer a message of our own.

Artists, do you want to compromise the quality of your work, and make it look much, much worse? Here's a brilliant solution. Go really fast in order to reduce the quality. It's the latest fad in airbrushing for those who want to discard any competitive advantage. The best part is that no one will ever know that you cranked out that portrait in under an hour. To them, it will look like you just started airbrushing.

Bear in mind that you will always be judged on your weakest painting, and one of the quickest ways to compromise the quality of your work is to rush through it. Next time you hear someone advocating the practice of speed painting, be sure to check out his or her work so you can verify the quality that can only come by painting fast. Judge your teacher by the work they produce. If they really know what they are talking about, it will be reflected in their work.

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steven shady

February 20, 2016

i am a disabled veteran i live in NC, i currently use fine art as my therapy, i would like to switch mediums, and learn to airbrush, do you offer any VA assistance with the price of your classes? or is it a cash out of pocket expense?


July 11, 2017

This one hit home. Hurry, hurry, hurry; customers are waiting! After years of T shirt airbrushing, the hardest thing has been to slow down. Time is money in T shirts and a simple name design would take 2-3 minutes; a beach scene 5-7 minutes, 10 max. When you step away from the booth, pretty much the opposite is true. Even when I started teaching, the hurry up kept showing up. I’ve gotten much better, but it has taken some work. Thanks!

David Rusterholz

February 03, 2018

The only issue for speed is when an artist has a deadline to finish a project like they say time is money it really should not be part of the process unfortunately that is the way business is these days! I have some tendonitis in my left hand another reason why we should not rush.

John Lunstrum

December 27, 2020

Well said!! I will set paintings down and make adjustments later to get a new wind and fresh start on the project. It truly makes the best jobs I have ever produced.

Pascal Granger

August 27, 2023

There are sometimes students who don’t listen to the instructor and want to go fast, as if it were a competition and they had to win a race! Unfortunately for them, when they finish their drawing, they are disappointed with the result and sometimes they understand that they should go slower.

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