Airbrush mistakes - your only 5 options

Sooner or later you are going to make a painting error.

Don't cry, because you have options. 5 of them to be exact.

Option 1 - Give up. Walk away from the painting and never return.

Option 2 - Start over. Begin a new painting. Hopefully you made the mistake early on, before you had too much time invested.


Option 3 -Live with it. Find a way to incorporate your mistake into the painting with a lock of hair, a tattoo, or another object.


Option 4 - Remove the mistake by removing the paint. You can use an eraser, blade, dowel, or even chemicals to lift the paint off. However, the consequence to this subtractive method is that it leaves a hard edge. 


Option 5 - Cover the mistake with paint. You can use an opaque white or create a buffered color my mixing opaque white with a transparent color to cover up your boo boo. Hoever, that comes with a price too. If you spray a lighter color over a darker color, you will invoke a blue color shift, which will have to be managed.

Using white to correct results in a blue shift. Keep in mind that with airbrush, white is blue.

Add a correcting color (orange + white) to cover the mistake.

Then darken with fleshtone.

Usually, I'll choose the last 2 options, but if the mistake is small, I'll sometimes opt for number 3.

Good luck with all your painting endeavors!

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