12 productivity tips for airbrush artists

1 The best productivity app on your phone is airplane mode

2 Make "No" your default. Whether its new work projects or social gatherings, saying "Yes" to non-priorities ruins your priorities.

3 Multitasking kills productivity. Do what you are doing.

4 Don't regret past decisions. You made the best choice at the time based on the knowledge you had then. Worrying is a waste of time and energy. Be at peace with it.

5. Paint during your peak state of energy. If it's in the morning, block out time during that period to paint.  Begin at the same time each day and remain consistent.

6. Painting is largely sedentary. Get up and move around. Try standing while you paint. Try to improve your health day by day, even if it's only by a small amount.

7. Break out of your loops in bad painting habits. Loops do not serve you; they are just something to mire you down. If you find yourself stuck in a loop, try going at your painting from a different direction.

8. People are paying less attention to you than you think, so stop stressing about the opinions of others. Free yourself by realizing that nobody is thinking about you.

9 Spend more time with people who give you positive energy and less time with toxic people who steal your energy and time. Don't reward those who spend time belittling you. Separate yourself from them.

10. Be comfortable doing things alone. Especially if others tend to distract you.

11 Keep your goals to yourself. If you talk about them, you might convince yourself that you've already achieved them and lose motivation. Move in silence.

12.  Purchased objects are not a substitute for artistic ability. Don't think that you can purchase your way to artistic improvement.


Adopted from writer Ben Meer.

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