Surviving AI art: improve, adapt, or die

Since my last article, Ai has made huge leaps in quality, in many cases exceeding the reach of all but a few painters. This will become a problem for many artists, especially designers, who cannot match the speed and quality of Ai.

While Ai cannot make a painting, it can produce amazing images (like these shown here) with limited resolution. However, resolution limits will improve in a very short time. Remember when cameras were limited to 5 megapixels?

Where is an artist safe?

So far, fine artists who can match the quality of Ai are not vulnerable, because they can paint whatever the AI can produce. Also, the threat presented by Ai to automotive and textile artists has not changed. Automotive wraps and decals will remain their main competition, although the quality of both digital products is expected to grow.

Why Photorealists are not worried.

Most artists I have spoken to perceive Ai as a threat. However, to photorealists, Ai imagery is simply a great reference resource, similar to a stock photo that one might use to paint from, because if a photorealist can see it, they can paint it, whether from a photo of a real object, fantasy object, abstract painting, or AI generated image.

What must painters do?

Well, it depends. If you want to remain competitive, it would be wise to consider embracing Ai technology, and use it as a resource, similar to the tool that digital editing became for artists.  However, if you want to avoid being eclipsed by the superior quality of Ai, you'd better raise your skill level. Consider becoming a photorealist, because a photorealist can paint anything they see, in any style, and present a finished painting as a result. Something that AI bots will never be able to do. All the more reason to become a photorealist.

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August 27, 2023

I tried to be a game artist. At this point, I’m genuinely unsure if I should try to ride out the AI craze and hope things get better, or if I should just get it over now and suck-start a shotgun.

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