Ignore those gimmicks. Warning: potentially offensive content.

Being an airbrush artist with a Fine Arts background has allowed me to walk in two different worlds, and afforded me the opportunity to observe from different perspectives the attitudes that prevail in both fine art world and the airbrush world. 

What may come as a surprise to many, is not so much a Fine Arts bias against the airbrush, (after all, most fine artists recognize and understand that the airbrush is just a tool). No, the criticism of airbrush art from the Fine Arts community is more often a reaction to the dark subjects chosen, and even more on the disproportionate focus by many airbrush artists on the latest product gimmicks rather than content and artistic execution. 

The Fine Arts community doesn't understand the Airbrush community's obsession with dark symbols of death, or making the finest lines, or applying special effects paint, instead of focusing on what really matters: The Art.

They observe that many airbrush artists sacrifice artistic quality, because so many airbrush artists spend time looking for new products and effects rather than developing their artistic skills. For that reason, airbrush artists aren't regarded as serious artists by most fine artists. In response, airbrush artist often regard members of the fine art community as elitist snobs for looking down on them.

Fixing it

First, we have to decide if this is a problem that needs to be addressed, and I think it does.

It's a shame to see so much great technical ability lost due to the distractions of the latest and greatest gimmicks. The manufacturers don't help this problem, because they choose to promote new products over artistic process. Since most manufactures don't understand art, they can offer little in the way of assistance.

So I'll offer my advice. Stop chasing the "latest and greatest" gimmicks. Ignore the new special effects paints hawked weekly on live social media feeds. Place more emphasis on drawing. Develop your observational skills. No amount of technique will save your painting if you can't see the subject.

Secondly, stop placing concept above quality. If you don't develop your artistic chops, your execution is going to be lacking no matter how cool your ideas are. By this I mean raise your ability to render accurately instead of spending time worrying about a concept. Focus on improving your drawing and observational skills.

 With a little application, you might surprise yourself with the outcome.


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April 16, 2024

Absolutely and I could not agree more…..this is not an offensive article to anyone who values the truth on the matter and authentic art above their own emotions. All art is expression but most expression is not art.

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