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These are new old stock*. This means that while they have never been used they were manufactured many years ago (originally as typewriter erasers). 

Sold in sets of 3: The exact color, style, or manufacturer may be different from those shown. However, Dru Blair personally tested each type being offered and has concluded that all of the options being sold as "Extra Aggressive" erasers will perform very similarly regardless of the outside appearance or manufacturer.

We attempt to send a variety of the ones currently available. If you wish to have us fill your order with a specific type you may request that in the comments during checkout - We cannot guarantee a specific type will be available at any given time.

Extra aggressive eraser:

The extra aggressive eraser is similar to our other aggressive eraser but is made of an even harder rubber, making it even stronger against ink and paint.

These erasers look like pencils. The eraser is of a very coarse nature that removes pencil, ink, and lightly applied paints. It is an aggressive, sharpenable, wood encased, pencil-type eraser. These (and similar) are among our most heavily used tools outside of the airbrush itself.

*Please note: These are new old stock. This means that while they have never been used, they were manufactured decades ago (originally as typewriter erasers). Due to their age, cosmetic inconsistencies such as cracking/chipping paint or rust evident on the metal parts are not to be considered as flaws. The erasers work perfectly for the task for which they are being sold for.

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