Airbrush Foundations Online Video

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Learn how to Airbrush the right way.

Presenting the perfect starter video for those who want to learn how to airbrush.

Everyone knows that the airbrush is one of the most powerful tools for creating realistic art. If you've ever wanted to try airbrushing, but aren't sure where to start, we have the solution for you with our Airbrush Foundations video. 

This video includes information about setting up your airbrush, air hose, and air compressor. You will learn about paint reduction, and how to adjust air pressure as well as exercises, and troubleshooting with comprehensive online video instruction. All you need is an airbrush set up to begin airbrushing immediately. If you don't own an airbrush, we have a kit for that too!

Designed for someone completely new to airbrushing

This is the same content Dru teaches in his Foundations workshops, and practiced by thousands of his students worldwide. Only we've condensed it into an hour-long explainer video with no filler. Just pure content that you can start using immediately.

Our home study courses are recorded using HD video and narrated by Dru Blair himself, as he walks you through each concept. It's the next best thing to being there!

Besides guided instruction, we've included computer animations to clearly explain everything you need to know about the airbrush, and more importantly, how to solve any problems that might arise.

Get started!

Never be confused or intimidated by the airbrush again. The video will equip you with all the understanding that you will need to control, maintain, and troubleshoot your airbrush. No matter your current skill level, you can achieve perfect control of the airbrush and improve your art. We guarantee it. Join a workshop or purchase Classroom in a Box home study course and prove to yourself that you are ready to take your art to the next level!

Paint recommended for this video:  Createx Illustration colors.  Colors used include Scarlet, Yellow, Red-violet, Cobalt Blue, Black, and White. 

This video includes training drills that you can follow at your own pace. You  will see the exercises as a first-person viewer. The camera is positioned in front of the instructor, not over the shoulder, so you will see the project develop as Dru's eyes would see it.

Topics covered include:

Parts identification
Equipment Set up
Proper Operation

Airbrush Foundations Video

    Recommended skill level - Beginner 

    Full Classroom in a box kit-  available here



    1. How the airbrush works
    2. Air sources
    3. Controlling pressure
    4. Safety
    5. Paint reduction
    6. Loading the airbrush
    7. Hand position
    8. Operating the airbrush
    9. Needle chuck
    10. Maintaining airflow
    11. Correcting Air pressure
    12. Surfaces
    13. Atomization
    14. Tip Dry
    15. Consistency
    16. Targeting
    17. Distance
    18. Lines
    19. Spitting
    20. Skipping
    21. Detecting Air Leaks
    22. Repairing Air Leaks
    23. Unblocking the paint passage
    24. Tapered strokes
    25. Dagger Strokes
    26. Mini Strokes & lashes
    27. Reverse dagger stroke
    28. Double dagger or Toothpick drill
    29. RTZ
    30. Trigger control Infinity
    31. Trailing
    32. Shading
    33. Gradients
    34. Masks/stencils
    35. Changing Colors
    36. Dump bottle
    37. Cleaning
    38. Masking
    39. Blending
    40. Troubleshooting
    41. Tip Dry
    42. Air Cap blockage
    43. Skipping

    With even more chapters to be added later!


    Video Access (granted at checkout) Includes access to an hour of intense instructional HD quality video

    Why pay for video instruction when there is free online material?

    Because this video contains content that is not found anywhere else. This is Dru's very own approach to airbrushing, and his techniques allow a much higher degree of quality than traditional methods. 

    Besides, there is a huge amount of misinformation in free online airbrushing courses,  which often advocate incorrect methods. Truly, you get what you pay for.

    How long will I be able to view the video online?

    Forever. You can watch this video again and again, but please bear in mind that this video is not transferable to other parties. It's yours alone to enjoy as often as you like. 

    Is the video downloadable?

    No, but it is available to you online for you to access anytime, and anywhere.

    This is a full workshop lesson from beginning to end - Just like being in the classroom with Dru teaching! You see the project as a first-person viewer. The camera is positioned in front of the instructor, not over the shoulder, so you will see the project develop as Dru's eyes would see it.

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    More chapters will be added to the video

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