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How about something a little rough around the edges? 

If you want more realism in your work, it's important to remain faithful to the subject. Most edges and lines in nature are not smooth. The boundaries of most natural objects usually have small variations. This stencil will make it easy to reproduce those subtle and organic borders, wrinkles, and lines found in nature.

A French Curve with a difference.

French Curve templates and stencils are known for their smooth sweeping curves. However, nature rarely has perfectly smooth sweeping curves. In fact, most edges in nature are full of little bumps and small direction changes. To make more realistic results, we've forged these little organic edges into a nice versatile French curve.

Rough edges for more realism (detailed view)

This organic pattern mimics the random patterns seen in many life forms, but this stencil is not just for living creatures. Use anywhere you need an organic edge to break up sterile areas with something more organic. The results will add much more realism to your work.

Two sides

You might notice that one side of this stencil has raised bumps and the other side does not. This is to give you the option to have a slightly softened edge by elevating one side of the stencil. If you don't desire this option, simply sand off the tiny bumps by rubbing the bumpy sides of two stencils together, or use 150-400 grit sandpaper to create a smoother side.


Inside each French Curve are handy small organic dot patterns to help aid you in your texture adventures. No need to put down one stencil and search for another. The solution is already in your hand. 

Need a different size? Try our 6 x 12-inch French curve!
The same beautifully organic curves, only larger. It's the perfect companion to the original stencil. 

Have fun exploring all the other uses, and remember to share your texturing triumphs with a photo and a review on this page!

  • Highly detailed laser precise cutting 
  •  Organic edges
  • Flexible and Reusable
  • Mylar Plastic - not paper
  • Solvent-resistant
  • Translucent - hazy/milky
  • 3 Sizes to choose from (regular) 4.3" x 9" or  (large) 6" x 12.5" or (mini) 2.3" x 5" 

Lots of uses!



Looking for a smooth-edged French Curve? Click HERE!

Works great with our Dispersion "Snap" stencils!

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