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*It's strongly recommended for beginners to learn the basics of airbrushing and select our Foundations Day!

GO BIG or GO HOME! Taking size to another level!

There is a lot of demand for large scale mural work, and the competition for the best projects is growing daily. This workshop will give you an edge on the competition Dru Blair and his staff will demonstrate the techniques of painting realistic skin tones, hair, lips, eyes, backgrounds and many other attributes that make up a well-executed realism portrait painting.

Class is limited to 14 and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Portraits is a single-project class that focuses on large scale facial elements
  • The students will learn to quickly render skin, hair, and eye colors on a big scale with speed and accuracy
  • Emphasis will be placed on learning to mix and match colors perfectly through our Color Theory


    What you will learn:

      •  How large scale is different
      •  Using audience perception to your advantage
      •  Different tools for larger paintings
      •  Compensating for scaled up reference colors
      •  Transferring methods
      •  The best airbrushes to use
      •  How to cover large areas fast
      •  Layering Colors for maximum results

      •  Blending methods
      •  How to create accurate fleshtones
      •  Understanding Dru's color buffer theory
      •  Transparent vs opaque techniques
      •  Achieving perfect proportions on a large scale
      •  How to survive catastrophic painting errors
      •  Understanding white and the impact it has on your images
      •  Where to find clients
      •  How to really understand light
      • The 3 most important requirements for Photo realistic paintings
      •  21 point photorealism checklist
      •  How to automatically discern problem areas in your own paintings
      •  Rendering details such as hair, lips, and eyes with accuracy
      •  Shield reveal techniques
      •  Shield conceal techniques
      •  Bounce method
      •  Eraser techniques
      •  Step method transitions
      •  Creating textures with chemicals


      New to airbrushing? Join our Foundations day!

      Need transportation to and form the airport? Sign up for our free shuttle service.

      Not sure which class is right for you? Read "Help me Choose".

      On-site accommodations are available:

      • Picturesque rural setting on the bordering Sumter National Forest
      • Private rooms with queen-sized beds and full in-suite bathrooms
      • Chef's menu of home-cooked meals prepared and served daily
      • Fully stocked art studio, all class materials and reference included
      • Color-corrected lighting (over 120 fluorescent tubes)
      • Built in air filtration system (no need for respirators)
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