Airbrush Troubleshooting - Video

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Learn how to solve Airbrush Malfunctions

Presenting the much-needed online solution for those who want to fix their airbrush and keep painting.

So you've got an airbrush, and it works beautifully, until one day.... it doesn't. You try every trick you know to fix it. You consult with groups on social media, and you've even tried watching a few Youtube videos, but nothing works. Well, this video is for you. 

Here is the go-to video when things go wrong with your airbrush. Based on 40+ years of airbrush experience, Dru takes you through his proven methods to keep your airbrush spraying as it was designed to do.

Designed to solve real-world airbrush malfunctions

These are the same solutions that Dru has used to keep his 37-year-old airbrush running perfectly,  Only we've condensed it into a 30 minute long explainer video to make it easy to access content that you can start using immediately.

Our video content is recorded using HD video and narrated by Dru Blair himself, as he walks you through each concept. It's the next best thing to being there!

Besides guided instruction, we've included computer animations to clearly explain everything you need to know about the airbrush, and more importantly, how to solve any problems that might arise.

Access your video anytime!

Never be interrupted by a malfunctioning airbrush again. This video will equip you with all the understanding that you will need to troubleshoot your airbrush. This video identifies and provides a solution to 99% of the problems associated with airbrush function. We guarantee it. Join a workshop or purchase Classroom in a Box home study course and prove to yourself that you are ready to take your art to the next level!

This video includes training drills that you can follow at your own pace. You will see the exercises as a first-person viewer. The camera is positioned in front of the instructor, not over the shoulder, so you will see the project develop as Dru's eyes would see it.

Topics covered include:

Parts identification
Solving air problems
Solving paint problems
Solving performance problems
Troubleshooting flow chart

Chapters to be added will include:


Airbrush Troubleshooting Video


Parts identification
How the airbrush works

Part 1 Air problems

Setting the regulator
Correct pressure
Clearing the nozzle cap
Checking trigger
Testing air assembly 

Part 2 No paint

Trigger movement
Checking pre-set
Clearing the needle
Checking cup
Clearing nozzle
Pushing cleaner
Clearing the paint passage

Part 3 Paint problems

Improving hand position
Spitting/poor line quality
Bubbles in cup
Tip dry
Skipping paint
Head leak test
Trailing paint
Nozzle replacement
Sluggish trigger
Clearing needle packing
Air shutoff problems
Clearing air piston

Part 4: Troubleshooting flow chart

With even more chapters to be added later!


Video Access (granted at checkout) Includes access to an hour of intense instructional HD quality video

Why pay for video instruction when there is free online material?

Because, to put it bluntly, much of the "free" information online is misleading or downright wrong. There is a huge amount of misinformation in free online airbrushing courses,  which often advocate incorrect methods. Truly, you get what you pay for.  This is Dru's very own approach to troubleshooting, with solutions that go straight at the problem and resolve issues quickly. 

How long will I be able to view the video online?

Forever. You can watch this video again and again, but please bear in mind that this video is not transferable to other parties. It's yours alone to enjoy as often as you like. 

Is the video downloadable?

No, but it is available to you online for you to access anytime, and anywhere.

How do I get this video?

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More chapters will be added to the video

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