Dru Blair Equipment list

Rather than simply list the tools I use, I thought it more helpful to explain WHY I choose this equipment. 

Airbrush: Iwata CM-SBv1  (check price on new CM-SB)
I prefer the CM-SBv1 compared to the newer CM-SBv2, because it doesn't have the tall square trigger. But even more importantly, the older version 1 has a slightly smoother trigger operation, in part due to its free-floating auxillary lever behnd the trigger.

Here is why the side cup is preferred over top-mounted cups in general:
  • Shorter distance from trigger to nozzle
  • Comes with a smaller .18mm nozzle 
  • Less paint required to prime compared to C models,
  • Side cup does not interfere with line of sight,
  • Side cup can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Side cup tilts to avoid spills,
  • Side cup does not collide with finger tip when trigger is placed on the first joint of the index finger.

Customizations: BLR trigger and Blair SoftSpring and custom Rubber Needle packing O-ring

  • The Blair SoftSpring is the softest in the industry (and the first)
  • The Low Rider trigger uses a different set of more-coordinated muscles than the tall trigger requires.
  • The Low Rider Trigger head is perfectly shaped and angled for optimal trigger control 
  • The Low Rider has a shorter throw, is more precise, and creates less finger fatigue.
  • The Teflon O-ring that comes stock is solvent proof, but it also leaks for water based paints, and has more friction. If you don't spray solvents, then you don't need it.

Paint: Createx Illustration Colors, Color Wheel Set

  • Designed to spray straight out of the bottle
  • Delayed Crosslinking allows for longer manipulation of paint
  • Broad range of lightfast colors
  • Automotive grade pigments

Surface: Blair Airbrush Paper or Blair Smooth Canvas

  • Smooth surface can tolerate scratching with the blade
  • Works well with an eraser
  • Can be printed on with common ink jet printers
  • Paper is double-sided
  • Canvas is the smoothest I've ever seen.

Eraser Pencils: Faber Castell Perfection 7058 and Antique Typewriter eraser 

  • Perfect for blending
  • Faber Castell creates subtlety
  • Antique Erasers can cut through paint like a blade

Blades: #11 Techni Edge blades and handle

  • #11 blade does not flex
  • Blades create finer lines than the airbrush

Dowel: Texturing Dowel custom shaped made from white oak

  • White Oak, is a perfect balance between Red Oak and Poplar
  • Dowel behaves like a blade, but is much easer to hold and control
  • The dowel is my little friend

Lube for airbrush: None. Ever. Not needed.

Compressor 2-stage Kobalt 60 gallon 

  • Super reliable
  • Remotely located and inaudible.
  • Large storage tank means less frequent cycling
  • Long service life

Silent Compressor Silentair Supersilent 20-A

    • Actually silent, whereas other brands claim to be quiet. 
    • Light enough to carry anywhere

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    Ruth pasquine

    February 12, 2019

    What about a respirator or air filtration system?

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